We are an expanding commercial enterprise in the group one of the largest foodservice specialists (Transgourmet / SELGROS) and operating as a specialist supplier and outlet for high-quality food and delicatessen. We have established and are continuing to develop our leading Markt position with approximately 500 employees at nine locations.


Our customers include renowned businesses in the restaurant, hotel, catering, delicatessen and food retailing trades. You will find current vacancies listed on the German-language page


Working at FrischeParadies.

This means working with high-quality food and delicacies every day. One of the reasons we became Germany's largest delicatessen and supplier to the restaurant and catering trade was because our employees have the necessary flexibility, openness and motivation to grow with FrischeParadies and continuously improve their performance.

Management positions.

At FrischeParadies we always prefer to fill these posts from among our own ranks. That means employees can expect a steady supply of new and interesting challenges and excellent promotion opportunities.

Fostering new talent.

We pay very special attention, for example, to our young employees and their commercial training in the areas of wholesale and foreign trade, IT and warehouse logistics. Once or twice a year, meetings of trainees from all FrischeParadies locations are organized at one of the sites to train key skills, such as teamwork, independence, showing initiative and willingness to learn, and to become better acquainted with the entire team.

BA degree course and trainee programme

In partnership with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (Mosbach and Mannheim Campus) we are offering programmes in Culinary Studies and Food Management as well as Accounting and Controlling as part of a dual degree course. Our trainee programme provides an excellent basis for graduates or professionals who wish to enter the trade after working in another field to get to know all the career opportunities at FrischeParadies – in a practical work environment and with individual support.

Annual Management Seminars.

This is only one example of the special emphasis we place on ongoing training at FrischeParadies. The goal of all these programmes is to enable employees to swiftly and thoroughly acquire the expertise to assume management responsibility in the FrischeParadies Group.