A healthy treat: eifel primeval lamb.

Eifeler Ur-Lamm

That’s what lamb tastes like. So good.


What’s so special about QSFP eifel primeval lamb?

The simple answer is: everything. A small farm on the edge of the Eifel National Park breeds a kind of sheep that once lived in primeval times – over 3,000 years ago. These Einola sheep roam freely all year round on grassland that hasn’t been treated with artificial fertiliser. The animals are correspondingly robust and healthy and can even cast off their winter coats in the spring. As breeders and keepers of this special primeval breed, the Lammers family can offer a very special kind of lamb: our QSFP Eifel lambs are less than six months old, weigh less than 20 kilos, have an ideal ratio of meat to bone and are especially meaty. Above all, however, they provide the definitive answer to the question of what lamb should really taste like – incredibly mild with finely grained meat of exceptional texture and well-balanced fat cover like our Eifel primeval lamb. Of course, this is the result of outdoor conditions: the Eifel region offers a variety of grasses and herbs, a protected environment, pure water from springs and streams, clear air and a stress-free existence. These are ideal conditions for exceptionally tasty, healthy lamb for food-conscious gourmets.

Home slaughtered, hung and cut.

The qualitative excellence of our QSFP private brand can only be achieved if the outstanding becomes normal – that also applies to slaughtering and butchering. This is where the Lammers family have something to offer ambitious restaurateurs and demanding gourmets:

  • Process chain involving one source and one region prevents transport stress among the animals and guarantees 100% sustainability.
  • Everything begins with skilled manual slaughtering under strictly controlled hygienic conditions.
  • The meat of QSFP Eifel primeval lambs is hung and dried for one week. You end up with a well-balanced meat that is guaranteed tender.
  • The meat is available in specific cuts according to muscle groups.

QSFP Eifel lamb also proves you really can find exceptional taste and satisfaction. You just need to know where.

QSFP is our label for skilled regional creators of top quality.

We are interested in smaller family firms for our top quality QSFP products. Many regional, artisan-based and sustainable farms have realised their vision of fresh, high-value, natural and healthy products with our assistance. Perfectionists like the Lammers family make our food more precious and more enjoyable with their products. Anyone who would like to drop in on the Lammers in the Eifel is cordially welcome.

Many more outstanding QSFP products are waiting to be discovered exclusively in your FrischeParadies store.

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