Absolute premium quality:
fish from Brittany.


Seal of quality.


Three times best: quality, freshness, taste.

Fish is the most sensitive and most demanding food. And only the very best quality and absolute freshness make it a real taste experience. Our sea fish and shellfish from Brittany are honoured with the QSFP Label. That can mean only one thing: their quality, freshness and taste is unsurpassed.


The fish, molluscs and crustaceans of outstanding quality that receive the QSFP label are exclusively caught by registered artisan fisheries using Breton ships and individually selected and labelled by the fishermen on the basis of our strict criteria. Only this careful selection process can guarantee the premium quality of our products. After landing, the fish is immediately and carefully processed and then dispatched without delay. As a rule, only 24 hours pass – never more than a maximum of 48 hours – between the landing of the catch and sale in our store. Our customers therefore receive the very best fresh fish from Brittany. And that’s also how it tastes.

QSFP sets standards.

  • Exclusively daily catches from artisan coastal fisheries.
  • Hand-picked by the fishermen – according to our criteria.
  • Only registered fisheries with Breton ships.
  • Only between 24 and a max. 48 hours separate the landing of the fish and its sale in our store.

The QSFP season.

You will receive fish in QSFP premium quality all year round in your FrischeParadies store. The respective season for selected fish species is marked on this calendar:

Sea bass
Rouget barbet
John Dory
Norway lobster
Black seabream

The QSFP season

Even the packaging is special.

Our QSFP fish, molluscs and crustaceans are immediately processed after catching using the most modern and most gentle techniques. They are transported in a special fresh storage box that is immediately recognizable by the embossed FrischeParadies logo on the blue lid. Each fish is marked with a FrischeParadies clip and covered with a printed foil.

The seamless cold chain guarantees that this fresh premium product is delivered to the customer in fresh premium condition.

Many more outstanding QSFP products are waiting to be discovered exclusively in your FrischeParadies store.

Fish from Brittany