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Iceland – a marine ecosystem.


Fish from ideal waters.

The people of Iceland know what benefits the North Atlantic brings. After all, it is where the warm Gulf Stream meets the cold clear waters of the East Greenland Current, creating a clean, oxygen- and nutrient-rich environment for fish and seafood. It is understandable why the Icelanders acted alone to extend their fisheries protection zone from 50 to 200 nautical miles in 1975. Since that time only Icelandic fishermen have been active in this area and fishing is usually conducted using small cutters, stationary nets and long-lines. That is not done voluntarily, but under strict supervision: the Ministry for Fisheries and Agriculture, the Icelandic Marine Research Institute, the Fisheries Institute, the Confederation of the Icelandic Fishing Industry and the Coast Guard regulate and monitor ships’ fishing zones and fishing quotas. The marine ecosystem is Iceland’s pride and joy, because its cautious and sustainable treatment of resources have kept fish stocks stable. Thus, for example, bycatch is also optimally used and sold, underscoring a respectful treatment of nature and its resources.

A very special product: loins from iceland.

Although the quality of Icedlandic fisheries is already extraordinarily high, our premium QSFP fish constitutes a class of its own. We only offer selected loins and fillets of cod, ocean perch, haddock, plaice and wolffish caught in the wild as well as Arctic char from accredited aquaculture. Loin, the finest and most delicious piece of the fillet that is practically boneless, is naturally also considered a real delicacy among the most demanding gourmets and chefs.

Fresh fish has to be fast to be QSFP.

In close collaboration with our Icelandic fishery partners we have developed quality standards that go beyond national requirements in order to do justice to QSFP premium quality: fish from the last day’s catch guarantee absolute freshness and QSFP quality. Our loins come from sustainable fisheries – as documented by the official Icelandic seal “Iceland Responsible Fisheries”. Icelandic products with the QSFP Label are transported to Germany exclusively by air. We guarantee that the shortest possible time lies between the catch in the North Atlantic and arrival in our stores – with an absolutely seamless cold chain. You receive loins and fillets in perfect cuts for swift and convenient processing. QSFP quality from Iceland does not only entail fulfilling the very highest standards in our selection of fish, but also maintaining the same high standards during processing and transport.

The packaging is a document.

Greater transparency would be impossible. Our QSFP fish from Iceland is always delivered in a fresh storage box on which all important details are recorded. Contents, production date and catch zone are all documented. It is even possible to trace a delivery back to the fishing boat and discover the fisherman’s name. The fresh storage box with the green lid clearly proves this is not just fish fillet, but QSFP premium quality Icelandic fish fillet. The real proof, however, is in the eating – in a taste experience of a very special kind.

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