Salmon from the Glens.

Lachs aus Schottland

French order of merit for scottish quality.


A highlander of distinction.

They are to be found in clear waters close to the northwest coast of Scotland – the salmon of the Scottish Highlands. In the midst of this raw natural landscape lies Glen Douglas, one of Scotland’s most beautiful valleys, which drains into Loch Lomond. The powerful west winds whip down from the hills here, creating strong currents in the lochs. The salmon constantly have to push against these forces and in the process acquire their firm and succulent flesh. The animals grow under natural conditions for roughly three years (1-2 years are normal). Sustainable and environmentally friendly aquaculture guarantees matchless quality that was distinguished in 1992 as the first, and until now only, non-French product to receive the Label Rouge. This French Ministry of Agriculture quality seal is only awarded to foods produced using traditional and natural animal husbandry techniques.

Firm flesh, finest taste.

Glen Douglas salmon initially grows in natural freshwater pens, before it is traditionally placed in seawater lochs, in the Scottish fjords, in large pens measuring 15 metres in diameter. The salmon have lots of freedom of movement as a result of the low stocking density (max. 15-20 kg/m³). The pens are relocated every generation so that the seafloor can regenerate within a year. Like wild members of the same species, the salmon are fed at irregular intervals with GMO-free plant and fish feed that is produced from sustainably caught fish species unsuitable for commercial use. This ideal nutrition, the long rearing period of approx. three years and the natural movement of the animals in the currents and tides of the North Atlantic are what give the Glen Douglas salmon its firm flesh with just 16% fat content. The high level of omega-3 fatty acids makes the Scottish salmon an important supplier of these essential nutrients. Additionally, it delivers indispensable proteins, trace elements and vitamins for the human body.

Guaranteed highest quality.

Glen Douglas salmon from Scotland meets the following rearing and quality criteria:

  • max. stocking density of 15-20 kilograms of salmon per cubic metre of water in the rearing pens
  • guaranteed Scottish origin
  • feed consisting exclusively of sea (minimum 70%) and plant products, vitamins, minerals and carotenoids
  • no use of antibiotics
  • a maximum fat content of 16% in the fish
  • the salmon are processed pre-rigor, i.e. only some 2 hours after catch
  • full traceability from egg to plate thanks to a strict identification system
  • QSFP premium cut salmon filet “Sashimi” without stomach or tail

Absolutely the best. That makes it QSFP.

It bears the Label Rouge and has the status of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), the European Union quality seal. It is reared in strict compliance with the Code of Good Practice for Scottish Finfish Aquaculture. It is subject to the world’s most stringently controlled aquaculture regulations. As a member of the QSFP family it satisfies our highest standards with regard to quality, healthy nutrition, eating pleasure and resource-friendliness. If you have not yet tried Glen Douglas salmon, you can change that immediately. We stock it.

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