Freedom you can taste: marensin chicken.

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France shows what a chicken can be.


Quality that mustn’t be missed.

With the Marensin chicken we would like to introduce you to a product that was once – before its discovery by FrischeParadies – rather surprising because of the enormous discrepancy between its prominence and its quality: Google only found a single reference to the product name on the World Wide Web. It could have hardly been more unknown. The fact that the number of Google hits has now increased dramatically reflects the demand the Marensin chicken has stimulated in gourmet kitchens. The producers achieve an incredible 100% score for quality and taste – and they have done so in a very unique way. Not for nothing has the Marensin chicken been awarded the Label Rouge in France.

Totally free-range.

On the Atlantic, in the very south of France, chickens are being bred under conditions that even free-range animals would consider a 5-star all-inclusive luxury holiday. The location is the Département of Landes, whose landscape primarily consists of sandy beaches along the Atlantic coast and 67% pine forest. The air is full of the fragrances of resin, heather and gorse and the clean air is seasoned by a fresh ocean breeze. The soil is sandy and healthy, the vegetation diverse. And this is where Marensin chickens are kept by Fermiers Landais, the farmers of the Départements of Landes. They grant their hens total freedom. There are no fences, only a portable hen house, the “marensine”. The newborn chicks and their coop are positioned in the forest and constantly moved to guarantee a continuous source of fresh food. The animals enjoy unrestricted freedom of movement and only come back to the coop at night.

Unique taste.

This special form of husbandry – based on 50 years of experience and involving 50 years of respect for animals and concern for their welfare – lends the Marensin chickens their unsurpassed taste:

  • The main feed consists of 80% maize with 15% soya, 3% minerals and vitamins and 2% alfalfa.
  • Combined with herbs, grasses and insects from the undergrowth, the hens have the best natural and species-appropriate diet. The hens are slaughtered after at least 88 days of growth in liberty (as a rule, after 100 days).
  • Their outdoor life, diet and robust breed guarantee healthy, strong, well-fed animals, a firm, fine meat structure and a low-water and low-fat, but protein-rich, succulent and maize-yellow meat.
  • The taste is extraordinarily intense and fine, the yellow skin becomes wonderfully crispy.

You can buy QSFP Marensin chicken at your FrischeParadies store as effilée (with head, legs and giblets), kitchen-ready, as breast suprême or leg.

Honoured with the label rouge.

While the Marensin chicken is still unknown in Germany, in 1965 it was the very first chicken to be honoured with the Label Rouge in France – the highest quality standard awarded by French agriculture. Of course, that is why it is also a product for the Qualité supérieure sélectionnée pour FrischeParadies, the creme de la crème of FrischeParadies products. If you are looking for a chicken of truly outstanding quality and taste, your search has finally come to an end with the Marensin chicken.

Many more poultry specialities with the Label Rouge seal are waiting to be discovered in your FrischeParadies store.

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