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FrischeParadies prawns:
only genuine in the blue premium packaging – with information about weight, size, catch zone, catch method, nutritional content, shelf life, storage and preparation.

Aquaculture Prawns.

There are some 6,000 different species of prawns and shrimps around the world and also a diversity of ways of classifying them. Nevertheless, they all have one thing in common: gourmets appreciate the culinary delights of these decapods (literally “ten-footed”), whose high protein content also makes them a very healthy treat.

Since wild stocks alone have long been unable to meet demand, this gap is now filled by aquaculture. The frequent large fluctuations in the quality of these farmed shrimps give us yet another reason to monitor them very carefully. FrischeParadies has introduced its own strict quality standards for aquaculture shrimps: defined by experts and constantly checked on the spot, they are highly appreciated by our customers.

As good as it gets!

Our reputation as Germany’s largest special market for the very finest food and produce is based on our expertise in the supreme food quality discipline: fish and seafood. This naturally also applies to prawns. In addition to our prawns caught in the wild, we also offer aquaculture prawns that have been farmed to our own highest standards:

  • Only extensive farming.
    Our prawns are grown in low densities – initially with natural feed such as algae and plankton and then later with plant feed.
  • Guaranteed free of antibiotics.
    Confirmed by repeated laboratory checks.
  • Only natural raw produce.
    Our products are free of declarable additives (E numbers).
  • No unknown or undeclared moisture-retaining additives.
    Difficult to detect and non-declarable additives are not used.
  • Cooked prawns always 100% cooked.
    Our merchandise is thoroughly cooked at an internal temperature of at least 72 °C. Ready-to-eat pleasure is guaranteed.
  • No double-frozen raw prawns.
    We do not thaw raw prawns of questionable origin and then freeze them again after processing.
  • Our farmed prawns only come from monitored farms in Thailand and Vietnam.
    We know our farms very well and subject them to constant checks.
  • Processing only in audited plants.
    Our processing partners are not only EU-approved, but also IFS-, ISO- and BRC-certified.
  • Continuous monitoring, absolute transparency.
    From delivery of the raw product and the loading of the sea container to arrival in the Port of Hamburg.
  • Independent on-site quality control and assurance.
    Although the plants that work for us are audited, we also have additional quality assurance checks carried out by external partners.

Best quality, good price, refined taste.

There is a real alternative for aquaculture prawns for discriminating gourmets and discerning restaurants chefs: our wholesome and delicious naturally farmed products. They offer not only the very highest, strictly controlled quality, but also an optimum price-performance ratio.

These are the available calibrations of our
prawns and details of the numbers per unit
(determined on the basis of “real counts”).

Our prawns are available in the following qualities:

  • HPL » Headless, peeled
  • HLSO » Headless, shell on
  • HOSO » Head on, shell on
  • “Easy Peel” HLSO » Headless, shell on, deveined. Partially available as “professional cut” (removal of intestine and legs).

  • Head on » Calibre per kilogram
  • Headless » Calibre per pound (0.454 kg)

U 5

Unit/Bag 1 kg
approx. 8–10
approx. 8–10
approx. 10–14
approx. 15–20
approx. 23–28
approx. 30–35
approx. 45–55
approx. 55–65
approx. 75–85

Head on
Unit/Bag 1 kg
approx. 4–6
approx. 4–6
approx. 6–8
approx. 8–12
approx. 13–15
approx. 16–20
approx. 26–30
approx. 31–40
approx. 41–50


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