Lobster revolution –
High Pressure Lobster.

shiny hummer

High pressure lobster: fresher than live lobster, with a truly exquisite taste.

With our high pressure lobster, the disadvantages of conventional lobster processing are now a thing of the past: long transport routes, complex storage requirements and killing the animal in boiling water or sacrificing flavour by pre-cooking deep-frozen lobster.

Our high pressure lobsters offer completely new advantages: caught in season, the hard-shell lobster is killed instantly by high pressure and immediately frozen raw – with no additives whatsoever. Once defrosted, the lobster is in a condition that is fresher than that of animals transported alive, thus guaranteeing succulent and intensely delicious lobster. The meat is easily removed from the shell. We deliver whole or half lobsters in the shell, in addition to loose, raw meat from the claws or tail.

In short, high pressure lobster means: the finest fresh quality, convenient storage, simple and flexible processing, new and creative cuisine possibilities and year-round availability. The ‘high pressure’ process is an exclusive FrischeParadies procedure and was developed in collaboration with Clearwater Seafood.

Our lobsters are caught off the coast of Nova Scotia and processed immediately by our partner Clearwater Seafood using the high pressure method.

high pressure lobster box

Available as whole and half lobster or only the separated claws and tail meat.

high pressure lobster tail and claws raw

Lobster tail and claws raw, with and without shell.