Hand-picked – our organic mushrooms.

shiny pilze

You can see, smell and taste the excellent quality of our fine organic mushrooms.

Our superb organic mushrooms are farmed using the best raw materials, a high level of commitment and years of experience. They are grown from a substrate made from beechwood sawdust, grains, wheat bran, oil press cake, gypsum and chalk. The sawdust comes from beech trees from ustainable forestry, and the other materials are grown using organic farming methods. This mix is poured into bags and the fungus mycelium is added, ensuring that every variety of mushroom gets the optimum and most suitable substrate. Each mixture grows under the climatic conditions required for that particular variety of mushroom. Between three weeks and five months later, the fungus grows outside the bags, and one to three weeks later the mushrooms are ­harvested.

Once thoroughly cooled, the hand-picked mushrooms are packaged according to our requirements. So we deliver fresh, high-quality organic goods, which will be evident from the smell, consistency and, above all, the taste.


Spiked with fungus
mycelium substrate,
poured into bags
and left to grow.

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