Giants – the origins of our prawns.

shiny garnelen

Saltwater or freshwater – wherever our prawns come from, their flavour and quality are always exactly how gourmets expect and enjoy.

FrischeParadies – the way a prawn should taste.
FrischeParadies prawns are generally caught in the wild, are completely natural and always present the finest, strictly controlled quality. They are completely free from antibiotics and other additives. Wild fishing is an integral part of the FrischeParadies philosophy.

Gourmaître Delicatessen – good quality at an unbeatable price.
The brand Gourmaître Delicatessen offers prawns that are generally bred in fisheries. The quality is strictly controlled, and the fulfilment of European Union standards is guaranteed. Presenting customers with an optimal price–quality ratio is our top priority.

Prawns are raised on land-based farms in coastal regions. During the growth period, larvae are fed on nat­ural algae and plankton and afterwards are grown to the desired size with predominantly plant-based feed. Regardless of which brand of prawns you prefer, product processing is always carried out under the strictest hygienic conditions. Soaking, double freezing and feed additives of any kind are not accepted. This is the code of conduct for our products and is subject to meticulous controls.


Here are the available calibrations of
our prawns with details of quantity per unit
(calculated based on real count).

Our prawns are available in the following varieties:

  • HLP » Headless, peeled
  • HLSO » Headless, shell on
  • HOSO » Head on, shell on
  • ‘Easy peel’ HLSO Headless, shell on and ‘professionally cut’ (removal of intestine and legs)

  • Products with head » Calibre per kilogram
  • Products without head » Calibre per pound (0.454 kg)

U 5

Without head
Unit/bag 1 kg
Approx. 8–10
Approx. 8–10
Approx. 10–14
Approx. 15–20
Approx. 23–28
Approx. 30–35
Approx. 45–55
Approx. 55–65
Approx. 75–85

With head
Unit/bag 1 kg
Approx. 4–6
Approx. 4–6
Approx. 6–8
Approx. 8–12
Approx. 13–15
Approx. 16–20
Approx. 26–30
Approx. 31–40
Approx. 41–50