A class of its own –
the ‘Nam Dok Mai’ mango.

shiny mango

The ‘Nam Dok Mai’ mango from Thailand is quite Simply sensational.

Premium quality: the Nam Dok Mai mango. The fruit smells intense and delicious even before you cut into it; the skin exudes a little moisture and the dark-orange, fibre-free flesh of the fruit is so soft and tastes so sweet and delicate … simply an unforgettable taste experience.

On a traditional family smallholding, our Nam Dok Mai mangoes are farmed and harvested by hand having been left to ripen for 90 days on the tree. Special paper bags protect the fruits from insects as they ripen. Pesticides are not used. The fruit is not treated with heat or light and is not waxed. When they are transported to Bangkok, the Nam Dok Mai have a maturity of 85–90%. There, they are immediately inspected and individually packed. Our perfect goods are flown to the airport in Frankfurt am Main, where they are inspected once again at the Perishable Centre before being transported by lorry to FrischeParadies stores. Five days generally pass between ­harvest and arrival. And now they are in perfect condition – ripe, sweet and healthy.


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